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Fly Fishing equipment list

what you need if you decide to bring your own equipment.

Most of the guides here in the Keys have their own equipment. If you are specifically looking for a fly fishing guide, ask him what type of equipment he has.

Captain Justin has Clutch Fly Rods and Hatch Fly Reels. He highly recommends Hatch Fly Reels and has been testing their saltwater series for many years. They are durable and the drag system has been tested to the fullest ability… on large migrating tarpon!

Rig your rod the night prior to our trip – there is no room in the skiff for rod tubes & misc. equipment. Rigging takes time away from your fishing… that is why I suggest doing it the night prior.

Equipment for Fly Fishing:

For Bonefishing with a fly

  • 6 to 8wt rod and reel
  • Tapered flourocarbon leader 10 to 12#
  • floating line (I recommend Rio line with the clouser taper)
  • Foxy clouser size 4 with a mix of bead chain, extra small eyes and small lead eyes.
  • Other good flies: green/white clouser, tan/white clouser, small merkin pattern with silly legs, Gotchas.

Fly Fishing for Permit

  • 9 to 10wt rod and reel
  • Tapered flourocarbon leader to 16# does well
  • floating line
  • If you are bringing your own equipment, rig up with a brown merkin size 1/0 hook. I have many custom permit flies that I have designed that are proven.
  • EP crab flies work great ( in tan or dark brown with orange tip silly legs, classic Merkin pattern works well too.
  • I often tie new patterns based on what I’ve been seeing out on the water, so email me if you need more info.

Tarpon Fly Fishing Gear

  • 10 – 1 2wt rod and reel
  • 5 ft of 60 pound flouroflex butt section
  • 3 ft of 40 pound flouroflex
  • 3 ft of 16-20# class tippet Rio Hard Mono
  • 12-24″ Rio Floro Flex 40-60#
  • Improved blood knots to tie on leaders work good
  • floating line
  • shock leader (flourocarbon or mono)
  • cockroach pattern flies in black/red, chartreuse/white, orange/yellow, natural tan.
  • Of course there are so many tarpon flies you could possibly use, it depends on what time of year you are here in Key West fishing.
  • Please ask me if you need help, I tie tarpon flies all season long. They don’t take long to tie and with a little added creativity, there is always something new for those darn tarpon to charge at and eat.

Read here about how to stretch your line and be preparted for saltwater fly fishing…